luciferous: (tw; sometimes it does get better)
Relle ([personal profile] luciferous) wrote2012-05-05 09:24 pm

(no subject)

And now I shall make an entire post on the journal I almost never use. And it will consist entirely of whining. Ignore me.

1. "Fun" Aspect of Having an Anxiety Disorder #5623: It is impossible to feel ill for unrelated reasons in public without your brain setting off the extra anxiety subroutine for feeling ill in public. So in addition to feeling ill, you also get to have a minor anxiety attack because someone might see you feeling ill and then the world would obviously end. What do you mean it's not fun!

2. I would like it to be Tuesday so the semester from hell will be over. Please.

3. I would also like more fluffy Avengers fic because it is wondrous and magical and makes finals week in the semester from hell better.

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